Hello Neighbor

-Alex/Quail:Elton Gregory

We were trying to show the community it's members. To show the cultural diversity they have & that sometimes you have to look underneath the underneath. You can't judge a book by its cover. I learned that I am more open around people than I thought. I thought I would be shy & uncomfortable around people, but after an interview or two I opened up & it wasnt a very big deal anymore.


What Caldera is doing with hello neighbor is for people to say hello to people in towns. Also Caldera is getting people to see that everyone can help there towns or city. Tons of people help every day and dont get noticed Caldera is getting them noticed. Yes, I think Caldera did what they where going out for . I think we went above our goal and I cant wait to start a new project.


We were trying to get people that nobody really knows noticed and put them up on a colossal banner.

-Ellie, age 12, Terrebonne

Getting to do this project was so much fun. I feel a lot safer in my community than I did before. When you invite people to be interviewed, you have to ask them questions about their life and you really learn so much about the person in such a short little time frame. What I think this does for the community is that it creates an easy way for people to learn about people who live and work in their community. What I learned from this that I didn't expect, was how the people in the community want to see our community grow.


We are trying to get people to express themselves and tell us about who they are and then put their faces on big banners.

-Kenjhy, age 11, Madras

We got to interview people we hadnt ever met and afterward we got to pick the background and the poses to photograph them in. Hopefully, we will be able to put them on big banners in Madras. Our goal is to say, "Hi," to our neighbors and the poeple around us.