We organize different events within the community to encourage youth participation in community development. We try to be creative with the events so that many people feel encouraged to participate in them. Here are some of the events we organize.


It is a very creative event where youths are encouraged to express their views and thoughts about the community through photos. So, they capture photos of the people within the community, their daily lives, their problems, their happiness, etc. This activity actually helps to showcase the current scenario of the community and let people think how the situation can be improved.

Sports competition

Sport is a great entertainment for the youth. In fact, people of all generation enjoy sports. Organizing different sports events can help to get the community together. It can improve the health of people and encourage others to participate actively in sports every day.


We organize various seminars to educate the people on various issues related to the community. It can be child education, cleanliness, environment, or anything that concerns the community.


We organize workshops for children and adult so that they can learn new skills. Classes like art class, music class, cooking class, etc. are organized. We emphasize on teaching life skills to the young generation. So, we organize workshops to develop skills like communication skill, leadership skill, creative thinking, time management, etc.

These events are organized every year and intensive marketing is done to encourage participation. In the past, we have been successful. A number of organizations have sponsored our events. We hope to arrange these events in a larger scale in future.