5 things you can do make your community better

We live in communities and we have some responsibilities towards it. If we all work together for the improvement of the community then we can make it a better place to live in. Here are five activities you can do to make your community better.

Be a volunteer

You should look out what people in your community needs so that you can help them in your spare time. For example, you can babysit or take care of an elderly person in the neighborhood. You can also take the initiative to clean the garden nearby. You can be a charity shop assistant or a community project worker also.

Support your local businesses

You should buy things locally to help your local businesses flourish. The farmers market can be a better option than buying from superstores. You can get fresh produce and stay healthy rather than eat frozen food.

Raise money for good cause

You can take the initiative to raise money for some good cause. For example, helping the poor people in the community or setting up a local clinic or hospital, etc.


You can donate to local charities like those providing help to the homeless people or protecting the environment. You can also give charities to those organizations fighting for animal rights.

Know your neighbors

You should have a good relationship with your neighbors. You should visit their homes and organize different events so that everyone in the neighborhood can participate.

By supporting your community you can make new friends and learn new things. You should always participate in community activities and help to make your community better.