This is a community project to create a bond in the neighborhood. It teaches the youth about the importance of living in a connected community. The project is sponsored by the Nike Community Impact Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, City of Beaverton, Beaverton Arts and Culture Foundation, and the HomePlate Youth Services.

Lots of activities are done under this project. Photojournalism classes are held at a local high school. This is a very creative and interesting activity that will help the young generation of the community to develop various life skills. By participating in these activities they will be able to understand the people of the community more and also know more about their community. This will make them think how to improve the community.

A number of volunteers work for this project. Organizations like Self-Determination Resources, Inc., Beaverton Activities Center, Beaverton City Library, Merlo Station High School, The Clean Slate Group, Merlo Station Apartment Complex, Caldera and The Wrap Agency have also helped us in making this project a successful one. Your cooperation can take our project further into developing the community and the lives of people.